Preparing For a Gym-less Winter, The Cost Effective Way

I haven’t been to the gym since march 5th, and I don’t think I plan on returning until all of the pandemic problems clear up. I have been doing fine without the gym as I have a lot of equipment at home to work with, however the only downside to working out from home is that most of my equipment is for outdoor use, which can be harsh in the colorado winters. 

So today I had this Pull-Up bar installed with the help of my father. We got all the supplies from Home Depot in gas piping, floor flanges, and some real heavy duty screws we found to keep the support as strong as possible.

I’m super excited about this bar as I have really been wanting to get better at pull-ups and this will allow me to stay consistent in my training regardless of weather. This will also open up a door for me to incorporate a lot of new upper body/core workouts with this bar and add extra weight with either a vest or plates.

And the best part is it was slightly cheaper than the door-bars you buy from the store, yet will be incredibly more stable, and with more room to grab, allowing me to eventually learn pull exercises like the archer pull up, or core workouts like “around the worlds” and L sit variants.

This wasn’t always possible however, as in highschool I messed up both of my wrists skateboarding and wasn’t able to do more than 1-2 push ups or pull ups at any given time. Since then I have worked hard to strengthen my wrists again and started getting into push ups again about 1.5 years ago and have recently in the past couple months re-introduced pull ups.

I was so excited yesterday about the bar that I did way more pullups in one day than my body is used to which left my hands a bit sore. But now I’m looking forward can’t wait to build bigger calluses now that I’m using a thicker, denser bar to help support me in higher reps and frequency.

I still have plans to add a few more tools to my at home winter-less gym, so stay tuned for my later posts regarding the progress!

Thank you all for reading. I hope this article was able to give you value and help you get 1% better than yesterday! If you enjoyed please consider following my new fitness twitter @FladungFitness or my Instagram @MichaelFladungFitness!

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