Andy Frisella’s Power List Changed My Life

In mid 2016 I was introduced to the MFCEO Project, a podcast created by one of my role models, Andy Frisella. I listened for a while but it wasn’t until episode 107 with guest Ben Newman that really changed my life permanently and the reason it changed was the introduction of the Power List into my life. The Power List is simple, and effective but not always easy. All the Power List entails is you write down your 5 most critical tasks to help you push yourself towards your goals each day and then do those 5 Tasks.

Win The Day

The Power List comes with a little way to gamify it, in the “win the day” view of it. If you complete all 5 of your tasks you win the day, if you complete 4 or less you lose the day. If you win the days in the week you win the week, if you win those weeks you win the month you win the year and add that up to a lifetime of constant daily 1% growth.

My Experience So Far

When I first started with the power list I doubt I had a single cell of true resilience in my body so my goals were mostly small compared to what my daily tasks look like now. They contained tasks such as go for walks, eat a healthy meal, clean my room, make an instagram post etc. They weren’t anything crazy but if I didn’t start small and start dedicating myself to doing these tasks everyday I may have never gotten myself out of the lazy rut I was in. Nowadays my powerlist is a bit more work load oriented as my health is a huge priority and I won’t skip days unless i’m forced to. A quick example of today’s Power List for me on 10/6/2020

1.) WordPress Webinar 10AM

2.) Finish Designing the Front Page of My Website

3.) Meditate (Learning a New Habit)

4.) Groceries and Weekly Food Prep (Once a Week)

5.) Fix Twitch Stream Issues and Stream Once Fixed

The daily tasks should change everyday for the most part unless you’re building a habit like my meditate one, which I have had on my list for a week now. I look to add 2-4 tasks to do the night before while those thoughts are fresh in my mind and then I will add the remainder of tasks for the day after my morning cardio session since that allows me to think deeply about my day as well as come into any potential issues that may need fixing that day.

The Power List is by far one of if not the most impactful “self help” tool I have integrated into my daily life. It has allowed me to build many healthy habits into my life that replace old bad habits, as well as I am always consistently making progress towards becoming the person I hope to be one day. 

How I Track My Progress

I started using a calendar in 2019, I never felt I needed one as I used to just check my mother’s if I ever needed to use one. But now that I use a calendar in my daily life to help me keep things in track and never forget important tasks, I decided to use it to track if i WON or LOST the day by either adding a red mark for the day lost or purple mark for the day won (I always have one purple slash to represent the day passed, the 2nd mark indicates win or loss). In the photo below is my calendar for last month and it shows that I had a bit of a downer beginning of the month where I didn’t have a lot of motivation and therefore didn’t complete all of my tasks. After a couple days in a row of this I buckled back down and made sure for the next week completing the power list for that day was a tier 1 focus for me. And as such I won the rest of the month and I don’t feel like those short few days were anything other than a mental break to refresh myself and come back alive like a phoenix more motivated than before.

What I Recommend

If you’re reading this and you’re not sure if this is something for you let me reassure you that there is no downside to the Power List, it is a tool to help you actually push towards your goals by having a written form of these goals for you to review at any point if you find yourself wasting time. To start you should start like I did, small. Starting small will allow you to have goals that you will actually stick to which will over time turn into you being able to consistently do harder and harder tasks. If you start out the powerlist too hard and you put in the daily tasks someone who is a professional in your field would put, then you have a lot higher of a chance of burning yourself out or your bitch voice convincing you that this was a dumb idea and that you “aren’t cut out for this” thats complete bs and you can get to that point over time. If your goal is to lose weight, make some of your tasks to go for a walk and have 1 clean meal instead of running a mile, and only eat vegetables all day. Over time that walk will become a run and that 1 clean meal will turn into 1 full day of clean eating. It takes time and you don’t want to set yourself up for failure before you even started.

Thanks for reading today! Please check out Episode 107 of the MFCEO Project and give it a listen for a deeper explanation of this fantastic tool. I hope this article was able to give you value and help you get 1% better than yesterday! If you enjoyed please consider following my new fitness twitter @FladungFitness or my Instagram @MichaelFladungFitness!

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