The Incredible Benefits I Have Felt From Minimizing My Time On Social Media

If we go back to my life just a year ago and looked at how much time I spent on social media on a daily basis, it would probably average over 3 hours a day. A number like that is truly shocking to see, but what’s even more shocking is according to data gathered in June of 2020 it shows the average person spends roughly 3.5 hours a day just browsing social media. 

That’s 24.5 hours a week, over 1 whole day a week on average is spent mindlessly browsing social apps! What could you do if you had an extra 24.5 hours a week? What would you be willing to do for you to gain and extra 24.5 hours a week? Would you be willing to cut out social media?

If you account for 52 weeks in the year then you will be saving 1274 hours or 53 DAYS A YEAR just by minimizing social media time.

Maybe you’re not a part of the average and maybe you spend 1-2 hours a day on social media, but let’s be real with ourselves right now… how long do you really need to be on social media to be “caught up” on all the current events happening? Chances are you don’t need more than 15-20 minutes a day to relax and read up on the day’s events from your various social medias, anything more than that is most likely time spent reading posts or watching videos that don’t impact you positively or provide any value to you in any way, therefore making those posts a waste of time.

Now let me clear up something before you get confused, if you use social media to promote yourself, your brand, business, or any other venture you follow, then there is nothing wrong with being on social media for work and self promotion. The problem lies in the time you spend scrolling down that literal never ending trap of the scroll page. This is the time you need to minimize, or cut out of your life if you want to find the time to get optimal sleep, time for personal projects, and relaxation with friends and family. Don’t these activities sound so much better, and more fulfilling than reading about how your old high school friend got cut off in traffic, seeing all those teenagers flex fake money on Instagram, or watching the same Tik Tok dance from the 1000th different person?

This “24.5” hours a week or however long this time is for you spent on social is where your best future lies. This is the time you can dig up to build that business, learn that skill, get those clients, and spend that time with friends and family. If you aren’t happy with your day to day job then during this time is when you can get the systems built for you to eventually exit that job into something that fulfills you.

So what benefits have I personally felt? Well with myself I keep my social media time to below 30 minutes a day as often as I can, providing myself 20 minutes for personal growth purposes (posting, replying to comments, editing) and ~10 minutes for checking Instagram and twitter for new, potentially important posts. I will say though that the past week or so I have been releasing 10x the amount of content I previously did which has significantly increased my want to spend time on these apps and get that dopamine hit from likes and shares. If you are in the same boat and feel the same way, keep in mind that if you spend more time scrolling and less time making valuable content, then those like and shares will eventually stop coming, or at least significantly drop.

Getting myself to cut 2.5 hours of social time wasn’t as easy as I first thought as I always pulled my phone out of my pocket habitually. So I took the “extreme” step and just completely deleted the apps off my phone much to my dismay. However, something beautiful happened, once they were gone my urges to check them were gone. I would still habitually pull out my phone to check for the next week, but, when there was nothing there I was able to continue working on the current task at hand. And only after a few day’s my urges to check it were so minimal I could just spend the little time that was needed to be on these social medias on my desktop to get the content out, opposed to spending my free time watching random, useless internet videos.

Now I want to point this out because, how could something that took up so much of my time for years just so easily be dropped out of my life? Well it’s a few different reasons, first I had the motivation to change my life for the better and wanted to gain my free time back. However, I attribute this to the act of deleting the apps off my phone, and not causing me to break my addiction because when they were gone I was still checking my phone habitually. What broke my addiction was the fact that ~85% of my time on social media was a complete waste of time, so once I eliminated the source from always being in my pocket I was able to see that I wasn’t actually craving that time, it was just convenient and easy for me to do. Once I got this free time back and was released from the prison that social media put me in, I started to flourish and my direction in life took a complete 180. My day was now filled with an extra 2.5 hours a day of productive time, which has caused me to enter multiple new ventures and gave me the chance to learn so many new skills, ultimately improving all areas of my life.

With this time given to me I now have the time everyday to complete these following tasks I set for myself:

  • 1Hour+ of exercise
  • 10+ Pages of reading
  • 45+ Minutes dedicated to making content
  • Quality time with my dogs
  • Time to visualize

Now I don’t think I need to tell you that my life got exponentially more fulfilling and fun when I started to spend my time learning, creating content, getting healthy, and getting quality time with family and my pets.

I also started my blog that you are currently reading with my free time given to me, as well as got the motivation to dedicate time in my week to streaming again on twitch. Despite not knowing anything on how to build a website, or how to write a good blog post, I just got to work and started learning and it has brought me more results than watching Tik Toks ever could.

I implore you to track how much time you are spending on social media apps each day, I bet the time will shock you and maybe even be horrifying to you. But you should use that as an indication that you do have the time to build that business, learn that skill, lose that weight, and see those friends. All you have to do is cut out the useless parts of your social media experience.

I hope this article was able to give you value and help you get 1% better than yesterday! If you enjoyed please consider following my Instagram @MichaelFladungFitness and you can see first hand how I use social media to work for me!

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