Common Household Items That Can Be Used As Workout Equipment For Beginners

When first beginning your health journey it may be hard or intimidating to incorporate the gym into your daily routine. Today I want to give you some common household items that can double as exercise equipment leaving you no reason why you can’t get your workouts in.

Milk Jugs/Laundry Detergent

These 2 large jugs filled with liquid can weigh upwards of 10 pounds, and with this weight with the convenient handle they can double as kettlebells and allow you to supplement kettlebell swings, squats, overhead presses and kettlebell rows. A great arm workout is just hidden away in your fridge or closet!


Backpacks are great because they can be used as weighted vests by filling them with books, or any other light weight item that you can fit. Weighted vests can increase the intensity of almost every workout so this will work for you if you’re walking, doing push ups, or even the previous mentioned kettlebell work. If you are just starting it’s probably not best for you to put extra weight on yet, wait until you have gotten stronger to increase your workouts to avoid injury.

Children’s Playground

This one does require you to have some sort of playground or swing set in your yard which I was lucky enough to have as a kid and is still with me today. If you have a playground then chances are it has a stable metal bar for you to use for pull ups. If you read my previous articles you may know that I installed a pull up bar in my room using supplies from home depot, but before I did that I started doing pull ups on the swing set in my back yard. It supplied a solid foundation that supports me as well as got me into the habit of pull ups while also developing calluses which caused me to be more prepared for the rougher metal I used to build the pull up bar.


Stairs are a very simple exercise tool. Go up, and go down, for effective, inclined cardio straight from your home. If you have ever used a stair stepper at the gym or ever seen one you know it’s just continuous walking on stairs, as such there is no need for the mechanical aspect if you can just go up and down your stairs. This is great for cardio as well as working all the major muscles in your legs giving you a great cross training session.


With any table or chair you have access to two great exercises, incline push ups, and triceps dips. All you need for incline push ups is to do push ups while your feet are on the chair. This will work different areas of your chest compared to regular push ups. With triceps dips you just want to put your hands behind you on the chair/table and then drop down and back up, almost like a backwards push up.

Hand Towels/Paper Plates

With hand towels and a hard wood/tile floor you can upgrade your core workouts by making you less stabilized and causing more work on your core. You can also incorporate slides as a new workout. If you don’t have a hardwood floor or tile floor you can use paper plates to easily slide on carpet.

Your Bed/Couch

Most Beds and couches have a small separation between the bottom of the bed and the floor, with this space you can secure your feet in place to do workouts like sit ups. There are also multiple studies showing that standing on 1 foot while on an uneven surface such as the bed or couch is a great way to begin correcting your balance.

If you’re creative enough I’m sure you can find items in your house to get you a sufficient workout on a budget. Just remember everyone starts from day 1 and you should never be ashamed of bettering yourself! Work hard, never give up, you got this!

Thank you so much for reading today! I hope this article was able to give you value and get you 1% better than yesterday! If you enjoyed please consider following my new fitness Twitter @FladungFitness or my Instagram @MichaelFladungFitness!

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