My Top Self-Help Books I Recommend So Far

Throughout my life I have never been much of a reader despite my mom working at a library all of my life. This all changed at the beginning of the year when I started to discover the fact that you can get information that took someone years to compile, in just a few sessions of reading. I wouldn’t say I have become a voracious reader at all, but I have made reading a chapter a day a high priority that I do at the end of my morning routine.

So today I wanted to recommend some of the most impactful and informational books I have read so far in hopes to help you find some great content!

All of these books are important in some way and can provide you very impactful information, therefore this list will not be ranked in any way other than the chronological order in which I personally read them.

1.) Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, Carol S. Dweck 

This book is an extremely impactful, and informative book. This book coins the term “growth mindset” as well as explaining what the growth mindset is, and how it affects individuals throughout their life opposed to fixed mindset individuals. Mindset has received high recommendation from almost all of the idols I looked up to, and that made this book the first I read on my reading journey. I’m extremely glad I gave this book a read because I was highly stuck in the fixed mindset without even knowing it, and was able to see myself inside the book, causing everlasting change within myself.

“Mindset by Carol Dweck is the most important text written in the english language” -Tom Bilyeu

2.) Relentless, Tim Grover

Some of you may already know who Tim Grover is, if you don’t, he was the personal trainer of all time greats like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Dwayne Wade. In this book, Relentless, Tim Grover goes through and explains what its like being on the level of someone on top of their game, like Michael Jordan. This book also introduces the concept of Coolers, Closers, and Cleaners, a “ranking” or sorts in which it shows the level an individual is on.

This book was really powerful for me as I always wanted to have that “relentless gene” that many great athletes have such as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

Relentless taught me that my dreams were too small, that I was limiting myself by not dreaming big enough which in turn means I’m not doing big enough actions on a day to day basis. This book also highlights the importance of “blocking out the haters” and focusing on the task at hand. These pieces of advice genuinely cause a domino affect inside myself in which I slowly started to care less about what people thought about me and started to just do more work, post more content, and be happier.

3.) Sleep Smarter, Shawn Stevenson

If you have a hard time sleeping, then chances are there is some sort of activity you are doing throughout your day, most likely right before bed, that is causing you to have worse sleep. In this book Shawn goes over many different areas that you can go through and improve upon and result in better sleep. 

For example within this book I was able to gain information about the best times to workout and eat during your day to best impact your sleep, and just the act of changing the time I workout, and pushing my dinner back by one hour, while staying consistent, very rapidly gave me results. I started waking up less throughout the night, I was able to actually get in bed tired instead of forcing myself to be tired by laying down with the lights off.

Keep in mind the book is called Sleep Smarter not Sleep Moremeaning it’s going to be hard for you to find any downsides in this book (turning your phone off at night isn’t a downside) and just information to help you get better.

4.) 75 Hard, Andy Frisella

This one had to be on this list for me as Andy Frisella is one of my biggest Idols and the 75 Hard book and program literally saved and changed my life.

75 Hard is a 75 day mental toughness challenge that I started on March 5th 2020 and ended May 18th 2020. I will forever credit 75 Hard for literally saving my life, as In 2019 I hit my lowest point I have ever hit and definitely had some highly negative thoughts about myself and my life. But now it’s late 2020, I wake up everyday working to better myself, and instead of feeling sorry for myself, I get up and make opportunities for myself, get the work done, and win the day.

Andy is a no nonsense kind of guy, who speaks as his mind tells him, so if you don’t like being called a “lazy piece of shit” then this may not be the book for you. But I highly implore you that you look past the “bad words” that you were programmed in your childhood to be against and get the highly valuable information that this book brings.

I have been lucky enough to talk to other individuals who have completed this program and the stories of each individual is breathtaking. You have individuals who have lost massive amounts of weight, started successful businesses, got married to their soul mates, and have received full sports scholarships. The difference before and after individuals complete 75 hard could bring you to tears by seeing people finally get past their self limiting beliefs and negative thoughts and begin to take daily, productive action.

Here you can find the podcast in which Andy first announces and explains the 75 Hard Program

*This book is the most important to me because 75 Hard changed my life so drastically. 10/10 I recommend everyone do 75 Hard*

5.) Limitless, Jim Kwik

I was hesitant to add this book to the list only because it’s a book I am currently in the process of reading, however the contents in this book are nothing short of amazing. Jim Kwik is a brain expert who had lots of brain injuries and complications as a child. But through hard work and determination he now spends his time coaching high level performers like NBA athletes, Hollywood actors, top level entrepreneurs, and even politicians, the list goes on. In this book Jim teaches you about so many ways to improve your brain power, functions, and memory. If you feel like you are forgetful, or maybe just wish to improve your memory more so you can have an easier time remembering names or numbers, then Limitless is for you!

Just to name a few topics this book covers: faster reading, higher comprehension of reading, better retention when studying, better energy conservation and flow. That’s only to name a few, if that shows you the tremendous value that is within these pages.

And if for some reason you think this book isn’t for you, I promise you every single person reading this article can benefit from improving their brain. As we all know you brain is extremely important and taking care of your brain is going to directly take better care of every other part of your body as a result. Find Jim Kwik’s Podcast here!

Thank you for reading today, I hope this article was able to give you value and help you get 1% better than yesterday! If you enjoyed please consider following my new fitness Twitter @FladungFitness or my Instagram @MichaelFladungFitness!

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