What Does A Day Of Eating Look Like For Me On My Diet?

Today I would like to bring you what a day of eating will usually look like for me while I am currently working to get to less than 10% body fat. I sometimes change up how I prepare my foods to mix things up but I always stick to the same food quantities and macros each day. 

First let me say that you shouldn’t take this diet and think it will give you the same results as me. It may, but I am not a nutritionist and I came to this diet through my own trial and error from my studies to get what is a daily diet that keeps my energy high all day with rare mid day crashes. I wish to share this information to you so that you can see what works for me and maybe you find something I enjoy that you can test in your diet. To repeat a popular saying “the best diet is the one you’ll stick to.”


For my breakfast I: 

begin by taking a bowl and putting in a serving of kale or spinach (20cal)

Then adding half of a large hass avocado (~120cal)

A half serving of chia seeds (60cal) half serving of flax seeds (30cal)

Then about 15 grams of walnuts (90cal)

2 whole brown eggs, scrambles (140cal)

1 serving of coconut amino sauce (10cal)

1 serving of blueberries (80cal)

I love this breakfast, I call it my “brain breakfast” because I got the idea to combine avocado, eggs, walnut, and blueberries all into one meal from popular brain expert, Jim Kwik. (If you are interested in learning more about brain specific productivity check out Jim Kwik’s Podcast here.)

This breakfast not only gives me great nutrients and energy, but it’s also got lots of healthy fats and protein to keep me satiated for hours to come. The coconut amino sauce was introduced to me by my mother and it has little calories and natural ingredients while also tasting delicious!

I sometimes change this breakfast up by making the eggs separately into an omelette with the greens and seeds, top it with the avocado, with walnuts and blueberries on the side. 


~150g of grilled chicken breast (360cal) with either red hot sauce (5cal) or a local low calorie brand of bbq sauce (15cal)
~150g of red potato baked in extra virgin olive oil, turmeric, and lightly salted. (200cal)

50g Steamed Carrots (20cal)

1 Spinach wrap tortilla (60cal)

*Post Workout*

30g of whey protein powder mixed in water (150cal)

Lunch I usually eat 45-60 minutes before I do my workout for the day. I pack my lunch with proteins and carbs which keeps my energy and output high and keeps me satiated until my next big meal. 


Dinner is the meal of the day that I don’t have set, although I usually have common foods within my dinner each day. The main dish itself changes from salmon, rice and chicken, a fruit smoothie with protein powder or sometimes homemade pizza with homemade ingredients. But the common theme I have with my dinner, and akin to my lunch, it will have a high source of protein and a moderate source of carbs, but unlike lunch I also like to have a salad with balsamic vinegar rete, and olive oil as the dressing. I do this not only because it’s satiating and makes me want to snack less, but it also supplies me with energy throughout the rest of my day, and the next morning while I fast.

Intermittent Fasting

Fasting is something I started doing back in march of this year and have continued to do all year. I originally started fasting to lose more weight, which is still true as I’m working to get below 10% body fat, however I continue to do it for more reasons than when I started. Fasting is a discipline to me, food is something I have always had a rough relationship with because I would consistently over eat. With the habit of fasting I am able to hard stop eating at a certain time and not snack on things that I don’t need because I supplied myself with the nutrition I need during my eating window. This makes me feel more confident because it’s a daily battle that I consistently win. Very quickly when I first started fasting I also noticed I was having way less crashes during the middle of the day, and even high amounts of energy during that time. This may be coincidence and not causation, but it’s worth noting because multiple studies show increased energy levels in patients who fasted for 12+ hours daily.

Here is the evolution of my eating window until I hit my sweet spot;




I stayed with this time for 4-5 months until one day my schedule changed and it became more convenient for me to start eating at 11am so now we are at the time I have been using for the past ~3 months,



Sometimes you just really need a snack, or have a really bad craving, and I am no different, so here are my favorite snacks.

Brown Rice cake (25cal) topped with 5g of honey (~15cal) or banana slices (~10-20cal)

1 serving of 85% cacao dark chocolate covered almonds from a natural grocer bulk section (140cal 12 pieces)

Spinach wrap tortilla (60cal, 7g protein)

Dried Mango (~100cal 4 piece) or dried banana (150cal 30g)

A piece of whole grain toast (60cal)

Clementines (35cal each)

Strawberries (30cal 100g)

Protein bar (190cal) (I like quest nutrition) 

Final Thoughts

Currently I am eating between 2050-2200cal max a day while I am cutting. As I mentioned earlier the best diet is the one you’ll stick to, I spent a good amount of time researching and trying new diets until I found one that fit for me while also keeping options open for diversity in my dinners. I implore you to do the same and experiment with your body and find what foods power your body the best!

Thank you for reading today! I hope I was able to bring you value and get you 1% better than yesterday!  If you enjoyed please consider following my new fitness Twitter FladungFitness or my Instagram MichaelFladungFitness!

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