#30ForTheKids Lets All Pitch In And Change The World

Hello everyone. This will be a short post, asking you to participate in the #30ForTheKids event. 


#30ForTheKids is a yearly “challenge” created by 1st Phorm in which you pay a $30 donation that will be all be sent to helping end children sex trafficking. 

It’s considered a challenge because you also will be doing 30 hard workouts for 30 days in a row. This is to give us time to reflect on how good we really have it, with freedoms, choices and a future. Let’s make a change and save some kids.

Even if you don’t do the workouts please consider donating the $30 and contributing to giving children a new hope and a new life.

I will be with you each day doing these workouts and doing what I can to help. 

Thank you.

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