How To Start Building Self Confidence

Self confidence is something I lacked for many years, despite me being egomaniac in high school. After highschool the world came crashing down and I was hit with the rough reality that I wasn’t special or great, in fact I was pretty much sub par in every possible category to be sub par in. But earlier this year I came across something very powerful, a tool that helped me gain self confidence everyday and consistently build up to now where I am more confident in myself than ever before.

Building self confidence is a very simple 1 step process, don’t get me wrong it’s nowhere near easy, but simple regardless. 

All you need to do is every time you promise yourself you are going to do something scary/uncomfortable that will 100% benefit your daily life, like go to the gym for the first time, ask out your crush, post that first YouTube video, or eat that healthier meal, you need to follow through with that act.

Self confidence Is something I want you to compare to self trust.

Let me ask you, if you trusted in someone to do something very important for you that would directly benefit your life but every single time they bailed out and didn’t get it done, would you still trust them? Would you believe that person is capable of doing those tasks in the future? More than likely the chances are you wouldn’t, and that is the exact reason you are lacking self confidence, it’s a distrust in oneself.

What about if that same person showed up everyday and got their work done with 100% focus and attention to detail? What if they overperformed and every time you asked them to do something to help you they gave you more than you could ever ask for? Would you trust that person? Would you start to give them more tasks to do with confidence they can continue the same productivity and attention to detail? I bet this person sounds a lot better and more trustworthy than the last example. What if this was you, and every time you told yourself you would get something done you got it done better than even you expected to get it done? This is my key to building self confidence.

Therefore, if you want to build self confidence then I recommend you start writing down these self bettering thoughts you have in your day, and make it a priority to make time in your day to work towards these tasks. If you do this everyday over time it will compound to greater results and you will start to believe you are capable of more and more as you grow.

Thank you for reading today! I know today is a shorter post, but I see no need to fill these with useless fluff if I can get my point across and get you going on your productive day faster. I hope this article was able to give you value and help you get 1% better than yesterday! If you enjoyed please consider following my new fitness Twitter @FladungFitness or my Instagram @MichaelFladungFitness!

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