My 5 Key Habits For Having A Productive Day, Everyday

Hello everyone and thank you for reading today! I would like to bring you today the habits I do everyday that I believe have greatly improved my day to day life and helped continue my personal growth. These are all things that have worked for me, and we are all different so maybe they don’t work for you, but I implore you to try incorporating these in before you shut them out.

  1. Go for walks in the morning

I already touched on this in a previous article which I will link here, however this one is very important to me and I credit it for making my days so productive therefore I decided to list it here one more time for anyone who may have missed that article.

  1. Read a chapter of a nonfiction book that will progress you towards your goals.

Reading is something I wasn’t a fan of until my early 20’s, and only began reading because I was told multiple times on the internet that “it’s good for me” and “leaders are readers”. Well it wasn’t until a couple months after I added daily reading on my to-do list that I truly learned the massive benefits to reading. There are probably even more benefits to reading than I even know, but there is one massive benefit that sold me on reading for life, and that’s the fact that you can download a decade’s worth of someone else’s work in just a few days. Just this year in 2020 I have read ~15 books, and I have gained some incredible information like the 5 second rule from Mel Robin’s book, “The 5 Second Rule”, how to be a champion like Michael Jordan from Tim Grover’s book, “Relentless”, or even how to love my neighbors from the book “Meditations” by ancient stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius. The amount of useful information I have received from books might just eclipse the knowledge I have gained from online sites like social media.

  1. Dedicate quality time to my dogs

When I say this I don’t exclusively mean you have to hang out with dogs if you don’t have one. The point of me doing this everyday is to make sure each day I’m spending time with my dogs fully knowing I have no idea when the last day I will be able to do this is. If you don’t have pets maybe you replace this with your parents, siblings, significant other, friends etc. anyone who you cherish so deeply that you never want to take for granted their presence and smile. I know 20 years for now I will be willing to do anything to get 5 minutes with my sweet boy, so I make sure everyday that I give my undivided attention to my dogs to make sure I don’t miss any memories that could have been. As for me I don’t see my siblings or friends as frequently as I may have before the quarantine so I make sure I truly appreciate those around me on a daily basis that I can. 

  1. Give undivided attention to my future goal

If you read any of the Pokémon VGC articles I have posted on the other blog on this site then you know that I have a very large goal of becoming the next world champion of VGC. This is a task that when I tell people they usually shrug it off as something I just said in the moment and not something I follow up on, but it couldn’t be any different. I dedicate at least 1-2 hours a day of dedicated, effective practice with no distractions. This way I can keep my time on VGC as productive as I can while providing the time to increase my knowledge daily and not interfere with the other tasks that must be done on a daily basis. I know if you’re reading this there is a higher chance you don’t come from a VGC or competitive background, and if this is you don’t think this has to be some sort of Esports deal or anything of that nature. Your task could be working on a side business, making your yard look pretty, learning a new instrument or language, taking classes, etc. whatever the task is that will get you closer to the goal you imagine and want the most. I also said I do 1-2 hours, if all you can manage a day is 1 hour or maybe just 30 minutes then you should capitalize on it even if you think it’s a small amount of time. If you spend 30 minutes everyday that’s 3.5 hours a week, 182 hours/7.5 full days a year of working on that task. Would you rather put 182 hours that year in on something that could change your career path and improve your lifestyle, or would you rather put that 182 hours into social media, Netflix, and making that dent in your couch even larger? Most of you will say the latter, and that makes perfect sense, but how many of you are actually going to do the latter and work on benefiting you and your families lives?

Also keep in mind those numbers were 30 minutes a day, if you bumped that up to an hour you would get 365 hours/15 days a year to improve yourself. If you are reading this blog then chances are you have the time to get this done, just check your phone app time analytics, and your daily tv consumption and you will find the 1 hour a day you are looking for.

  1. Drink a gallon of water

This is a habit I first gained from starting and completing the 75 Hard Program. Drinking a gallon of water has an incredible amount of benefits as our body is mostly water and our brain specifically is ~73% water. If your brain is made up of 73% water and the rest of your body is made up of about ~70% of water, then how can you expect to operate at a high level when dehydrated? A 2017 study shows that dehydrated adults when checking their brain activity had increased neuronal activity meaning that their brain had to work harder to do the same task when compared to sufficiently hydrated adults. To name another few great benefits from drinking a gallon a day, clearer skin, higher levels of energy from having optimal bodily fluids, speeding up and improving the bodily waste removal process, decreasing/eliminating bloating in the stomach caused by carbonated drinks.

Thank you for reading! I hope this article was able to give you value and help you get 1% better than yesterday! If you enjoyed please consider following my Instagram @MichaelFladungFitness and you can see first hand how I use social media to work for me!

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