Why It’s Highly Important To Try New Things

If you ever find yourself not trying a new activity, food, or habit because “you know yourself and you wouldn’t like that” you are locking yourself into a terrible mindset that will keep you stuck in the same daily actions. 

Grant Cardone had a great example where he talks about how he never tried a specific French dish (unable to find the name of the specific dish) because “he knew he would never like it.” But then one day he was forced to try it, and to his surprise it was delicious and is now a dish he gets frequently when visiting the country of France.

The reason it’s so important to be testing out all areas of life is because if you aren’t open to trying new things how will you ever find out what it is you truly want to do in your life? 

If you never go skiing how will you ever know if you love skiing? How can you tell yourself you don’t enjoy woodworking if you have never built anything before? How can you put down food from another region if you never even had a crumb of it in your mouth?

All the greats have malleable minds, meaning they are open to change and new ideas. If you get stuck in one way of thinking you’re going to get stuck into one way of life, and if you aren’t happy with the current position you’re in you will want to be making changes and testing out what fulfills you and makes you happy.

If you ever catch yourself saying “I wouldn’t like that I know myself” but you haven’t tried it or anything like it, you should 100% do it so you can know for sure if you do.

But don’t go into it with a negative mindset. If you go into a task forcing yourself to not enjoy it, then obviously you won’t enjoy it. But if you go in willing to learn you can get the experience for what it actually is. 

This is huge if you don’t know what your plan is in life, because if you don’t know what it is that you love then you are in no position to be putting off trying new things just because you don’t like it.

If you talked to 18 year old me and asked him to go to the gym or read some books, I would have laughed and said “I don’t like those things” even though I never went to a proper gym and learned how to workout, and never read a book outside of what was forced of me in high school. Now at 24 years old I not only work out and read everyday, but they are keystones in my day. A day where I don’t get my morning reading in, and my 1-2 workouts everyday is a day where my productivity is low, my energy is low, and the chances of me being distracted from my main goals are amplified 10 fold. All of this started by me trying out a workout routine I saw online, and reading a book I was recommended by someone I admire, and this has turned into me losing 70 pounds of fat, while gaining about 20 pounds of muscle, and reading over 20 books that supplied me with great knowledge.

Now let’s talk about the part of this equation that’s in the back of your head that you probably don’t know is there, and that’s the fear of failure/the fear of putting in the effort to learn something new.

Most people don’t want to try new things because it takes effort to get good at something new, and very little effort to do things that are within your current habits. But let me ask you, are you happy? Do you wake up everyday excited to work towards a goal? If the answer is no, then your habits are bad habits, and to get new habits that make waking up a blessing, and working hard fun, you need to be testing all new areas you haven’t explored to discover the hidden love you don’t know exists.

The true fear you should feel is one day leaving this world without finding out your true passion and living a life of fulfillment all because “it’s not for you” in the current moment.

This is why I believe it’s highly important to ignore the voice in your head telling you it’s not for you and instead trying out new things and running towards the fear.

Thank you for reading today, I hope this article was able to give you value and help you get 1% better than yesterday! If you enjoyed please consider following my Instagram @MichaelFladungFitness!

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