The VGC Improvement Library

Hello everyone! I have spent the last month or so going through and reading every VGC article and team report I could find, as well as searched YouTube for as many valuable videos to build this collection of VGC history. In today’s article I will be linking all the articles and videos that I think provide the most value to helping you improve as a player. Each article here has at least 1 highly valuable tidbit of information about either improving your play, improving your preparation for a tournament or improving your mindset in VGC.

I will separate this article into posts that are strictly about improvement, and a section for team reports from world/national level teams to show the thought process provided to building a successful team. Now there are hundreds if not thousands of reports I went through and I only am linking the ones that provide tips on how to approach team building. Reading old team reports may not seem like it can help you in the Dynamax era of VGC, but I have to disagree and I believe just reading a few of these will provide you with new insight into the minds of VGC greats.

Keep in mind that you can get a good idea of what an article is about from the URL if you aren’t interested in reading them all. But keep in mind this post will be here for you whenever, and you should read through all of these if you’re looking to improve even if you take it slow.

There is so much great content made for VGC over the years, I did what I could to find all I could throughout the internet however, there is a large chance I missed a few or a lot of valuable content. If you know of other videos/articles you believe would fit into this list please DM me the link on twitter and I will get them added

Better Play/Prepartion/Mindset Articles

Valuable Team Reports

Valuable YouTube Videos

List of creators in order, Aaron “Cybertron” Zheng, Wolfe Glick, Joseph “JoeUX9” Ugarte, James Baek, Alex Ogloza, James Eakes, Adi Subramanian, Baz Anderson, Jamie Boyt

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