Breaking Down Your Large Goals Into Smaller, More Productive Steps

Unfortunately in this day and age goals are something that are heavily scrutinized and even can be looked down upon by the vast majority of society. If you haven’t read my previous article about goals you can read it here!

Today I want to share with you the technique of breaking down goals that helped me achieve many goals in my life such as losing 70 pounds of fat and gaining lean muscle, becoming an esports professional, and even now I use this technique to help build my blog/social media. This technique will help you start breaking down your goals into more actionable steps so instead of looking at them as a mountain bigger than Mt.Everest, you will just see small foothills you get over one at a time, making accomplishing these goals less intimidating.

Identify Your End Goal

To first start breaking down your goals into smaller steps, you need a clearly defined end goal that you are chasing after. Setting clearly defined goals will give you an end goal that you can work towards until you hit that goal and not quit before you reach it. If you don’t have a clear vision then you may only do a little of what you want but not enough to actually make a difference.

For example don’t say you want to grow your business, that could mean only getting 1 more customer which is likely not what you want out of your goal. Instead set your goal to build a business that makes $1 Million in yearly sales. This is a clearly defined goal that has an ending you can quantify and gives you a baseline to start the breakdown.

If you don’t have a clear end goal you won’t be taking the steps to reach that goal. With the previous example you can define “grow a business” in many ways, but if what you want is to make an empire then you need to take the steps required to reach that level of success, not the steps it takes to just get by.

If you want to lose weight you should clearly define what your target weight is that you want to hit right from the beginning. If you only set your goal to lose weight then you may lose just a couple pounds and call it good when in reality that likely isn’t going to make you feel much healthier. 

A big tip here is set your goals higher than you believe is possible. In all likelihood the goals are possible if you put in the work, but the purpose to setting unbelievable goals is that even if you don’t hit that goal as long as you are putting in the work required to hit that goal you will be miles ahead of where you would be. Lets go back to the business example, maybe you think $1 million in sales in not realistic, but if you put in the work to build a business that makes that much and miss the goal you will still likely be making $500k+ which will be much higher than if you set your goals to make $100k a year in your business. If your goal is to lose 100 pounds even if you don’t hit that goal you will likely lose 80+ and have drastically changed your life for the better.

Break Down Your Goal Into Actionable Chunks

After you clearly define your end goal you need to start breaking down what it takes to accomplish said goal. You want to start with the baseline of your goals. To give a few examples of what breaking down goals looks like:

Learning an instrument:

Buy the instrument

Plan time to practice and play as much as you can

Buy books/courses to learn the basics

Listen to music using the instrument you want to play

Study different styles of music using the instrument and how they differ in playstyle

Play different styles of music to learn what the instrument is capable of

Join a band or any group of other musicians and work together

Building a business:

Choose a product

Become deeply knowledgeable about the product

Learn marketing skills

Purchase social media ads to promote your product

Learn how to close sales

Study what has worked or failed for competitors

Make each customer matter and inform them of why your product will benefit them

Expand your product/stores when available

Becoming an esports pro (which I was for 3.5 years):

Choose a game

Watch pros play and analyze their decisions

Go on live streams such as and listen to pros break down their plays

Plan time to practice

Purchase coaching sessions with pros to gain a baseline of knowledge

Attend tournaments as often as possible to gain head to head experience

Take notes of what has worked/failed for you and study them consistently

Start your own live streams so you gain confidence playing while others watch you

Losing weight/gaining muscle:

Buy a gym membership

Plan out the times you can exercise

Study diets and choose the best for you

Progress your workout regime as you go

Buy supplements when your diet and exercise routine is dialed in

Participate in sessions with a personal trainer

Learn about exercises you can do at home/a hotel when you are unable to find

time to go the gym

(great for parents, students, or people who travel for work)

Now obviously each of these goals will take more steps and larger steps to achieve high level success the I listed, however, what you can see is that they are all easy steps to take that all compound into getting closer each day to your goal. The list of steps you need to take will grow as you learn what works, what doesn’t work, and what is needed to get to the next level. I recommend you write down your list and keep growing when you gain the valuable knowledge that failing gives you and crossing out the steps that are either accomplished or no longer seem like a viable step. 

If you don’t start breaking down your goal into these tiny actionable steps and really looking at what is required for you to progress then you will likely waste a lot of time jumping from one action to another when one doesn’t give you the progress you are looking for. You see a part of accomplishing goals is realizing that everything worthwhile takes time and effort. If you rush and don’t take the proper steps the likelihood of quitting too early drastically increases with each failed attempt. You also need to keep in mind that failure is going to happen consistently, no plan is perfect and nobody who is successful had their plan go smoothly with no complications. By taking the time to identify what is needed to accomplish your goal you can immediately go to one of the next steps you have planned when one fails instead of panicking.

You see I have failed at many things in life and I have quit many times as well, but ever since I started breaking down my goals into small steps instead of looking at it as one giant mountain to climb I have had seen tremendous growth in my life and I now believe my goals are 100% possible if I continue assessing the steps I need to take and then taking those steps. Every goal takes time and failure and the will to not quit. Because of this I fully believe everyone is capable of achieving whatever goal they have in mind regardless of its size. I believe in you even if you don’t believe yet and I want to leave you today with one of my favorite quotes of all time. “The work comes before the belief.” And what this means is before you can believe you can accomplish something you have to put in the work even when you don’t believe so you can see the results and then the belief will form, then grow some more with more work, and so on and so on. So please do not quit your goal no matter how hard things may get as you can achieve it and you WILL achieve it as long as you learn from your mistakes and keep breaking down each phase of you goal into smaller, actionable chunks.

Thank you so much for reading today’s article! I hope this was able to bring you true value and get you 1% closer to your goals each and every day! If you enjoyed please consider following my Instagram @MichaelFladungFitness!

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