How One Small Habit Can Change Your Life

When working to change your life for the better no matter what that might mean to you, better health, better career, better relationships, or more skills it can be really daunting and a journey many people don’t begin due to its large scale. However, there is one key thing you can do to drastically push you forward that is simple, easy, scalable, and manageable, and that is starting with one small habit change.

Now one small habit change will likely not change your life overnight, but it will stack up to change your lifetime. You see, when you can get yourself to stick to one new habit and consistently complete it to the best of your ability you will begin to build the skill of self confidence. Building confidence that you can change your life and build/stick to new habits is something very powerful, yet something that takes a very long time to build. 

There are two drastically different ways you can go about habit change.

  1. Change all your habits overnight
  2. Start with one habit at a time

Now the first one is what most people think they must do, they have to overnight cut out junk food, drinking, smoking, binging Netflix, cut back on video games. And if you can get yourself to do that, then great, however, this is not sustainable and will almost always result in that individual quitting and reverting back to old habits. Now the second option is much more sustainable, much more manageable and will actually result in future habits becoming easier and easier to build with each successful habit change.

Let me share an example of my own life to bring light to this. 

In 2018 I was overweight, had very unhealthy habits such as smoking, excessive video game time (I’m talking all day everyday), drank 1-2 energy drinks daily, would go through whole bags of donuts, etc. Then one day I got the shocking news that I had a medical condition that was a result of all these bad habits, now luckily this condition was identified early enough to be reverted but I was informed it was going to take years of work and a completely different lifestyle. And with this I knew I needed to change my habits and change them fast.t

Now I tried the first option I stated above where I cut out all the bad habits in my life, and that lasted for a few days through sheer motivation, but a week later I found it incredibly mentally taxing to continue and began to revert to my unhealthy habits. So I decided that instead of cutting out all these habits at once I would begin to work at them one at a time. I started with two habits, I started taking my dog on a 1-2 mile walk every morning, not only was this great exercise for me but it was also great for my dog and provided me with valuable time with him each day. The second habit I started was I made my breakfast healthy each day. Even if my eating habits were terrible the rest of the day I always had one nutritious meal in the morning right after my walk.

Now these were two very simple habits, not always easy as most days I didn’t want to get up and walk those miles but each time I did completed these tasks they became easier, and as I started to lose some weight they became something I looked forward to and they were 2 habits that really jump started me to having a great day. 

After a while of going on these walks and seeing myself start to lose weight I began to start looking out for new ways I could increase my health. Through this I started going to the local rec center and using their gym to lift some weights, the basketball court to get extra cardio in, and the pool for some recovery time. Through this I began to love the idea of working out, it made me feel great, however I still had some bad eating habits. But due to my habit of everyday having a nutritious breakfast the transition of finally cutting out most of the junk in my diet into healthier options became much easier to stick with.

Now I can go on for the next three years of habit building in my life to get us to the current year of 2021, but to make a long story short, I am now 70 pounds lighter than when I first started, my control over food is now very dialed in to the point where I actively have 16 hour intermittent fasting periods and also have 24 hour fasts at least once a week, and I am currently working to get certified as a personal trainer to help more people gain the benefits of becoming healthy through fitness and nutrition.

If you told me in 2018 this is what I would be doing now I would have said you were out of your damn mind, but now here I am, much happier, healthier, and a million miles ahead of where I used to be in every aspect of my life. And I credit this all to one simple thing, and that is starting with my simple, easy to stick to habits I listed earlier and adhering to them each day even when it sucked and I didn’t want to. 

One small habit can stack into another small habit, which can stack into another and so on until large, everlasting change occurs. Now whatever your goals are, what you want in life, or who you want to become is up to you but I have one question for you, what small habit are you going to start first?

Thank you so much for reading today’s article! I hope this was able to bring you value and help you become 1% better today than yesterday! I hope you have an amazing day and an amazing life, if you enjoyed please consider following my Instagram @MichaelFladungFitness!

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